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GISATEX® ADHESIVE SPECIAL GLUE Type 1805 is a solvent-free adhesive for boats, cheap glue for yachtrefit




GISATEX® ADHESIVE SPECIAL GLUE Type 1805 is a solventfree, solidrich adhesive which is economical to use and requires only one-side application. It is easy to brush on and bonds quickly. It is lastingly elastic, non-ageing, and adheres outstandingly to almost all substrates. A glue for boat, cheap glue boatrefit and glue for boatrepair.

Areas of use:

Suitable for the gluing of light mineral felts, artificial leather, webbing, fleece, and foam onto galvanized, painted, or otherwise corrosion-protected sheet metal, glass fibre (raw or treated), wood, and other oil-painted surfaces. Also on polystyrene, lining paper, expanded polystyrene panels, any flat, absorbent substrate, on cork wallcoverings with or without backing layer, corkment, PVC coverings and mineral fibre board.

Technical details:

GISATEX® ADHESIVE SPECIAL GLUE Type 1805 is highly heat-resistant, (130ºC by the Armstrong method), beyond this figure the adhesive becomes ductile. All details of resistance refer to the adhesive in use. Colour & consistency: pale, beige, viscous; applicable by brush, spatula, roller. Consumption: depending on substrate and material to be stuck 200-400 g/m2 Risk class: none. Type 1805 is neither flammable nor toxic. Cleaning material: water or synthetic resin thinners. Storage: up to 6 months at 0°C to max. 20°C. Protection from freezing essential. For longer storage add 10% water and cover the adhesive surface. Important: some separation of components may occur due to their density . Adequate stirring is essential to achieve consistent quality and faultless durability.


Recommendations for use:

Thorough stirring is essential before use. Stirring guarantees sufficient mixing of ingredients. The surface to be glued must be dust-free, dry, free of fats, oils and other glue repellent substances.

Application of glue:

Glue can be applied with a brush or a 10cm roller. Finish application by rebrushing with a filled roller over the whole surface to ensure even distribution. Application time for covering: From immediately to about 20- 30 minutes, depending on temperature. High temperatures speed drying, low temperatures slow it. The perfect moment is when the glue forms filaments on your finger. Test this regularly. Please note that the adhesive does not bond immediately. This is particularly important when applying to ceilings. In this case first apply the adhesive to the ceiling with a roller. Press the material (roughly) cut to size onto the wet bed of glue. The glue will come off the ceiling and stick to the material. Now wait for it to cure to a stringy condition (finger test). Then apply it promptly to the ceiling and press in home. On vertical walls the material can be applied to the wet glue straight away. If the temperature in the room is too low, it should be heated and then the glue will bond immediately. Check the adhesion – there should be filaments of glue between the material and the base. During this stage you can remove and reapply the material at will. If the glue becomes glassy, add a little more fresh adhesive. Glassy areas can cause bubbles under the material. These instructions are the result of careful tests and practical experience. We strongly recommend that you try out test runs before final application. But as we have no control over the conditions of use, we can accept no responsibility for failures. Please see our general business conditions.

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